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Addressing Problems & Issues After a Divorce

At the conclusion of a divorce, issues may arise regarding the enforcement of the divorce agreement or the court’s final divorce orders. Sometimes the vague language of a divorce document may not clearly or adequately outline the parties’ post-divorce duties and responsibilities — and it becomes necessary to determine what should happen as you move forward. Also, post-divorce developments may warrant revisiting to modify parenting time arrangements, child support (and the payment of child-related expenses), or maintenance (known in some jurisdictions as alimony).

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For an attorney to effectively address a post-divorce issue, it is important to first fully understand the specific problem. It is equally important to determine the goal or outcome a client wishes to achieve. The next step is to carefully assess the applicable law and the relevant facts and circumstances to decide whether there is a reasonable and appropriate basis for successfully addressing the post-divorce issue. Part of that assessment should include a candid review of potential attorney’s fees and costs to be sure that it makes economic sense to pursue a resolution of the matter at hand. These are points I carefully review with clients who have post-divorce issues or problems.

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