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Addressing Problems & Issues After a Divorce

At the conclusion of a divorce, issues may arise regarding the enforcement of the divorce agreement or the court’s final divorce orders. Sometimes the vague language of a divorce document may not clearly or adequately outline the parties’ post-divorce duties and responsibilities — and it becomes necessary to determine what should happen as you move forward. Also, post-divorce developments may warrant revisiting to modify parenting time arrangements, child support (and the payment of child-related expenses), or maintenance (known in some jurisdictions as alimony).

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Modifications to the Terms of Your Separation

Many post-divorce issues arise from the need to alter or completely change the arrangments initially settled on. If you weren't happy with the initial terms of your divorce, I can help you file a request for immediate modification or appeal for a different arrangement that meets your needs and the needs of your children. Don't give up getting what you need in court to be happy with the results. Put my expertise and knowledge on your side and fight for what's yours.

For an attorney to effectively address a post-divorce issue, it is important to first fully understand the specific problem. It is equally important to determine the goal or outcome a client wishes to achieve. The next step is to carefully assess the applicable law and the relevant facts and circumstances to decide whether there is a reasonable and appropriate basis for successfully addressing the post-divorce issue. Part of that assessment should include a candid review of potential attorney’s fees and costs to be sure that it makes economic sense to pursue a resolution of the matter at hand. These are points I carefully review with clients in Adams, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Jefferson, and Douglas county who have post-divorce issues or problems.

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