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Effectively Solving Problems with Separation

Going through a divorce is a difficult experience that significantly affects your life. During that process, it is necessary to obtain accurate and complete information in order to make informed, well-thought-out decisions. It is also important to be creative and flexible. While there will be emotional and stressful times during a divorce, it is critical to consistently protect yourself and use this process to build a solid foundation for the future. My goal is to provide sound legal advice that fully addresses your concerns and needs in the most realistic and effective manner possible. If you are in the Adams, Jefferson, Douglas or surrounding areas, I can help you with:

  • Parental Responsibility Issues (including the allocation of decision-making for children and the determination of parenting time)

  • Disputes Concerning the Relocation of Children

  • Child Support (and many other financial issues concerning children)

  • The Division of Assets (including the analysis and appropriate treatment of complex or significant assets)

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Helping Families Through the Divorce Process

I work with clients to identify issues, analyze available options, and develop an appropriate plan of action. In resolving disputes, I encourage clients to take reasonable steps to achieve a fair and appropriate settlement “out of court” that protects the client’s interests and achieves specified goals. If the parties and their attorneys cannot reach such a settlement on their own, there are other options (such as mediation) that should be explored before going to court. If a reasonable settlement cannot be achieved—and if going to court makes sense (practically, legally and economically) — I work with clients to create and implement the most effective litigation strategy possible.

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