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We’ll identify and discuss both your immediate and long-term goals and what is most important to you.

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We’ll discuss and implement the most effective and realistic plan to meet your concerns and achieve your goals.

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With guidance and support, I will be there to help you through your situation and pursue the best outcome.

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Shawn Ettingoff

Shawn Ettingoff

Attorney At Law

I provide a realistic assessment of your situation and offer advice focused on resolving issues and problems. I will propose specific actions to effectively meet your goals with compassion and a clear sense of direction. No matter what your individual circumstances may be, I am committed to providing high-quality legal counsel and personal support for both you and your family.

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Effective Solutions | Personal Support

Effectively resolving family law issues requires patience and good judgment—and finding solutions which are financially, legally, and realistically in my client’s best interests. I obtain all necessary information, carefully analyze the situation, and then communicate with my client to develop appropriate options and specific recommendations. I want my client to understand why I propose a course of action and what I hope to achieve on my client’s behalf.

Attention to details is very important, along with drafting legal documents that are clear, direct, and easy to understand. Anticipating problems, and taking a pro-active approach, is also important.

I work with clients in a cooperative manner and keep them informed. Clients should know what is happening and why, and what to expect from me. There are also emotional and psychological factors that should also be considered as the case develops.

My goal is to provide assistance and counsel so that years after the case is over, a client can look back on what happened and realize he or she made the best decisions possible, without any regrets about the long-term consequences of those decisions.

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I will be glad to discuss your situation during an initial no-charge telephone conversation. When we first speak, I’ll obtain information from you to be sure I understand your situation and what you are hoping to achieve. I will identify legal issues based upon what you tell me, and I’ll offer general advice and various points for you to consider.

I’ll make suggestions as appropriate and give you some basic information so you know more about the legal process and how that affects your situation.

I provide legal services in the metro Denver area including Adams, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Jefferson, and Douglas counties.

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